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Lloyd R. Spanberger is a former U.S. Air Force Captain, who served as a research physicist while stationed at Wright Patterson AFB (WPAFB), Dayton, Ohio in the Infrared Reconnaissance Division and, later, at Westover AFB (WAFB), Chicopee, Mass in the AFSPPF. While at WPAFB, he ran a successful three-year development and test project on the X-15 rocket plane to solve problems related to the development of scanning infrared reconnaissance systems in high performance aircraft, such as the SR-71. Concurrently, he spent considerable time working to help make FLIR (Forward-looking infrared) systems operational in more conventional tactical and strategic aircraft. He was, subsequently assigned to WAFB, where his problem solving responsibilities extended over to the various image processing and analysis aspects of the satellite reconnaissance mission of AFSPPF. While assigned to the R&D directorate, he was involved with virtually all Film Return Spy Satellites our country developed.


Bob is an experienced marketing and operations executive who helps organizations get and keep customers through insightful strategy and marketing implementation. He has worked in a variety of industries, including financial services, catalog, executive education, digital agencies, and nonprofits –for companies ranging from startups to major brands such as American Express and American Management Association.

In addition, Bob volunteers with organizations that include Penn State LaunchBox, Ben Franklin TechCelerator, and SCORE.