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Quub has already succeeded in launching two satellites to Low-Earth Orbit, with six additional launches scheduled throughout 2023. We have partnered with government and private entities for multiple contracts, including two SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grants with the US Airforce and more proposals under review.

Moving forward, quub aims to provide data services to customers in industries such as agriculture, water treatment, first response, and urban development. With adequate funding, we will be able to build and launch a constellation of 400 earth observation satellites in as little as 36 months. This constellation will allow us to generate a motion-picture view of terrestrial resources needed by decision makers in our target industries.

Quub doesn’t rely on other companies to build our satellites. All of our equipment is constructed in-house using off-the-shelf parts, made of non-exotic materials, and sourced mostly from the US. And we offer our design, build, test, launch, and operation capabilities as separate services.

Quub’s rapid ‘build, test, modify, repeat’ methodology is similiar to the Boyd OODA loop model used by the military and companies like Tesla and SpaceX, which gives us a competetive advantage over other players in the space game.

Quub has seen success in our initial endeavors and made huge strides in the research and development of our intellectual property through the SBIR program and other contracts. We believe we have great potential in consumer markets due to our ability to build and launch satellites more quickly and inexpensively than our competitors. With the right investment partners, we are poised to seize our share of the rapidly expanding satellite industry.

If you are interested in learning more about our next steps and how you can be involved, drop us a line. We look forward to chatting with you.

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