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Joe Latrell

Chief Executive Officer

Joe Latrell is an inventor and technology developer who has coordinated payloads for launch on the SpaceX Falcon 9, Blue Origin New Shepard, and Rocket Lab Electron.

Prior to quub, Joe gained wide-ranging experience in a variety of technology roles, such as launching an early-stage suborbital rocket company, coding programs for large datasets, and developing numerous software packages for the education industry.

Joe founded quub to manufacture small, cost-effective satellites designed to gather data and monitor Earth, its weather systems, and its environmental resources. His goal is to create a network of satellites that give first responders, companies, and municipalities the data they need to respond and act quickly.

Nathaniel Evry

Chief Technology Officer

Nathaniel Evry brings 14 years of experience to his role as CTO of quub, with a background in all levels of information technology.

One of Nathaniel’s early accomplishments in technology was to be among the first to create 3D-printed prosthetics for children, with the e-NABLE Prosthetic Hand STEM Project. More recently, Nathaniel has been developing software that predicts, tracks, simulates, and visualizes the path of satellites around Earth in real time.

At quub, Nathaniel is focused on building the first privately-owned aerospace technology company to successfully deploy and manage a full network constellation of pico-satellites on orbit.

Tracey Craft

Chief Financial Officer

Tracey Craft built her career at the Fortune 100 companies The Coca-Cola Company and Hewlett Packard, and most recently worked in the financial services division of a large nonprofit. Tracey has led global teams in problem, change, and configuration management, as well as vendor, crisis, and account service management, and has earned CAPM certification, which represents strong project management skills.

At quub, Tracey drives strategic partnerships with external providers (for both technology and expertise) and optimizes resources for the best use of talent and purchasing to scale for hardware. She also leverages her accounting expertise to measure the value of all quub activities and projects.

In general, Tracey’s goal is to help quub acquire cutting-edge capabilities by focusing on accelerated growth and maximizing profit.

Chelsea Beningo

Chief Operations Officer

A graduate of Millersville University with a degree in English, Chelsea Beningo’s first role was in information technology with Best Buy’s Geek Squad. From there, Chelsea took successive roles in operations management, which ultimately led to quub.

To her role as COO, Chelsea brings prior experience overhauling the IT operations and development teams for TGC/IS, where she put in place workflows and standards that improved team structure and efficiency.

At quub, Chelsea’s focus is on project management and documentation, to help the company maintain best practices and reduce “technology debt,” and to enable quub’s engineers to move quickly and creatively without wasting time and energy on administrative work or records management.

Chris Bradley

Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Bradley leads quub’s marketing efforts with over 14 years of experience in creative marketing and advertising in the legal, healthcare, and space industries. Chris has a B.A. in entrepreneurship from the University of St. Thomas, a J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law, and is currently working on an M.A. in science writing from Johns Hopkins University.

Chris has produced work for a broad range of clients and organizations throughout his career, including the Los Angeles law firm Girardi Keese (of Erin Brockovich fame), had a Lawyerist story about the only private lawyer to argue before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court tweeted by the New York Times, and most recently published a profile about science educator and telescope operator Carla Johns, in Sky & Telescope Magazine.

At quub, Chris’s goal is to position the company and his colleagues as leaders and innovators in smallsat technology, and to communicate quub’s increasing value in its data-gathering capabilities on Earth orbit and in cislunar space.

Daniil Rose

Embedded Systems Engineering

Originally from Orel, Russia, Daniil attends Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania, and is pursuing a double major in computer engineering and German.

Daniil’s experience includes working as an assistant at his school’s technology department, as a freelance chatbot developer, and as a backend developer for Ruben Engineering.

At quub, Daniil contributed to the release of Traxat, our tabletop satellite tracker, which was designed entirely in-house with software written in Rust and hardware designed using parametric CAD programs.

Tim Martell

Lab Manager

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Tim Martell is currently studying aerospace engineering at Tuskegee University in Alabama.

Tim is the lab manager at quub, where he organizes and optimizes the lab and its equipment, including oscilloscopes, multimeters, multiple 3D printers, the class 10000 cleanroom, and air safety particle counters.

Tim’s proudest accomplishment at quub is knowing that he helped contribute to the development of a satellite that is orbiting Earth right now—and he looks forward to contributing to future projects just like that one.

Oden Calvert

Structural and Mechanical Engineering

Born in New York City, Oden Calvert currently lives in Philadelphia and studies mechanical engineering at Drexel University, where he joined quub as part of Drexel’s unique COOP work/study program where students earn credit through real-world experience.

At quub, Oden 3D-prints satellite parts using Fusion360, and has helped create our tabletop satellite tracker, Traxat, as well as our satellite deployer.

Oden’s focus is to learn as much as possible about engineering and 3D printing, with the overarching goal to help quub monitor our planet and keep people safe.

Nick Elzer

Prototyping Engineer

Nick Elzer was born and raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, currently studies manufacturing engineering technology at Millersville University, and joined quub because the company sits at the intersection of space and creation.

At quub, Nick works on development and prototyping for electrical and sensor integration, as well as the development of satellite schematics and PCB boards.

As Nick continues studying manufacturing engineering technology, he aims to apply what he learns at quub and deepen his experience in the smallsat industry, and he looks forward to the opportunity of having his work reach low Earth orbit.

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