Image of the earth with quub satellites orbtiting

what we do

We are quub. We are building a constellation of microsatellites to monitor our natural resources like water, coastlines, and forests. Just like your smartwatch tracks your health and notifies you when something is wrong, our satellites monitor our natural resources and alert us about threats to our planet’s health.

Unlike the large and ultra-expensive satellites of the past, quub’s satellites are small, lightweight, and built using mostly off-the-shelf components. This allows us to quickly construct a network that updates every 15 minutes for a “motion-picture” view of what’s happening on the ground.

Satellite schematic

After all, we’re not your average space company. We’re a data company. We provide crucial information to both government and private groups to prevent and mitigate the effects of climate change on our planet.

Because the first step to building a better world starts with better data.

Photo of quub sat